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By Flamingnet Staff

The teen book review website, Flamingnet, would like to introduce author Travis Thrasher. Travis is the author of the novel Gravestone. The story follows the character, Chris Buckley, as he tries to save more than just his hometown, Solitary.

Travis Trasher

Welcome to Flamingnet! First, we would like to know where are you from?
I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and then lived all around the world (Germany, Australia, New York state, Florida). I spent a lot of my youth living in North Carolina before moving up to the Chicago suburbs.

What is the theme of Gravestone?
Everybody ultimately has to make a choice of what to believe in.

Why did you write this story?
I've wanted to write a series featuring a teen character for years. I've tried numerous times but I wasn't sure exactly what genre to fit it in. The Solitary Tales are a perfect blend of the supernatural mixed with teenage angst.

Is this your first published book?
Gravestone is actually my 16th published novel.

Wow! Where can potential readers find your book?
The easiest way is looking for them online or downloading on e-readers. They're sold in all regular bookstores, but since I'm not a household name stores don't always carry copies.

What is the most challenging thing about writing in general?
Writing itself is a wonderful venture. I love writing and challenging myself with projects. The BUSINESS of writing, however, can be frustrating. But if you want to write and be published, you have to deal with both.

Did you have a favorite writing or English teacher in school?
Ms. Miller in third grade encourage me in my writing, and that was when I decided I wanted to be a writer when I grow up.

Travis Trasher Do you have an author website?
Yes. www.travisthrasher.com

Where will you be ten years from now? Will you still be writing?
I hope to be writing until my last breath. My hope is that I'm still writing full-time ten years from now. Just maybe not at the same pace I'm writing now!

Do you have any messages for your fans?
Thank you for taking your time to read my books. Thank you also for being willing to go on very different journeys with me.

For fun: What is your favorite color?

Do you prefer the movie theaters or would you rather rent a movie to watch at home?
Theaters (this coming from a father of three girls, which might influence the decision . . . .)

Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
Chocolate chip!

Which football team will win the next Super Bowl?
The Washington Redskins (by the way, I make things up for a living!)

To read more about Gravestone, check out Flamingnet's reviews by teens at http://www.flamingnet.com/author/thrasher.html.


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